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The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Panchamukha Hanuman. He is accompanied by Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi, Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy, Sri Rama Parivar and Navagraha deities.

After conducting the Vastu Shanti Pooja in September 2018, in November 2018, we opened the temple for devotees with the establishment of Utsav Murthys of Sri Panchamukha Hanuman, Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi, Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy and Sri Rama Parivar. The temple was officially incorporated in January 2019 by the IRS as a non-profit organization. 



Construction of the garbhagrihas was commenced in February 2019 with ground breaking Puja and Udaka Shanti Puja. The construction of five garbhagrihas was completed in June 2019 and in the same month from June 26-30, the Pranaprathista Sahitha Maha Kumbhabhishekam Ceremony was held.

The first three garbhagrihas from the left house Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi, Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy and Sri Panchamukha Hanuman. The two sanctuaries on the right are currently open, with plans to establish Godes Durga and Sri Ram Parivaram in the future. We are currently looking for donors to sponsor the statue and installation in these two garbhagrihas.

Cultural activities

Apart from celebrating Hindu religious ceremonies and festivals, the temple also hosts various art and cultural activities on a regular basis. Each week we are conducting Sanskrit and Vedic classes for Adutls. The temple also hosts various classical dance and singing activities on a regular basis to promote talent among local children.

  • sanskrit classes
  • vedic classes
  • classical dance and singing

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